BuildingInWood Bulletins

BuildingInWood Bulletins present the minimum information “key” that a reader requires to access the larger technical and scientific literature on mass timber technology. The purpose of these Bulletins is to “connect the dots” in terms of published research results that can be accessed by the broad diversity of interests in the mass timber sector.

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BuildingInWood Bulletin #1


“Large wood structural members are actually self preserving in fires. Possibility of fire safety with wood building is as good as any other kind of building.” Craig Applegath, Founding Principal DIALOG’s Toronto Studio.

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BuildingInWood Bulletin #2


“Wood is more sustainable and versatile than almost any other building material, not only because it sequesters carbon while producing oxygen, but because it is renewable and can be sustainably managed. While we can we build with wood, we can also enjoy the beauty of forests and their supporting ecosystems. Forests and wood are shining examples of a truly circular economy that is diverse, environmentally sustainable and enhances our quality of life in countless ways.” Ted Kesik, Professor of Building Science at the University of Toronto.

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