Mass Timber Market Analysis

Click here to view the Mass Timber Marker Analysis completed in November 2018 by the Beck Group for the Council of Western Foresters. The Beck Group (BECK), a Portland Oregon based forest products planning and consulting firm, analyzed the market for mass timber within the Council of Western State Foresters (CWSF) region (17 Western US states and 6 US affiliated Pacific Islands), with a focus on the likely impact on timber demand in the region. The CWSF’s Forest Utilization Network served as the sponsor for this project, leveraging funds from the USFS Forest Products Laboratory, and contracted through the University of Nebraska.

The scope of work included evaluation of the recent and future demand for Mass Timber in the region, the existing and planned manufacturer suppliers of mass timber products, review of existing and planned mass timber projects (buildings) in the region, analysis of lumber supply and demand (apart from mass timber applications), and a supply/demand balance summary. This report summarizes BECK’s findings.

Research in Progress 2018-19

Click here to view a comprehensive , annotated list of mass timber and tall wood building research in Canada and the United States. This document was created by Antje Wahl, Manager of Research and Innovation at Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd. Research projects are grouped under the following themes:

  • Mechanical Properties

  • Seismic, Wind, and Structural Performance

  • Fire Performance

  • Acoustics and Vibration

  • Durability

  • Energy Performance and Environment

  • Building Physics and Health

  • Cost, Market, and Adaptation

  • Education, Training, Technical Support, Research Needs

Research & Environmental Scan

Click here to access and read the Mass Timber Institute’s Research & Environmental Scan, developed by Catherine Cobden of Cobden Strategies Inc.

This environmental scan was conducted to support the exciting potential of the Mass Timber Institute (MTI) to stimulate the mass timber market in Ontario.

The information gathered here is useful in a number of respects. Advice on the form and scope of the Institute will be helpful as it sets up and begins work. An extensive contact list will ensure the Institute is including important stakeholders as it begins to form partnerships and carry out its mandate.

This scan also provides a current snapshot of existing research and educational training, as well as governance structures and rules, while identifying areas for improvement.

The research included detailed interviews conducted between March and May, 2018 with a wide variety of industry participants. They expressed a great deal of enthusiasm for the MTI and its vision.