More about UofT wood tower... and the work of the Institute

"Among its sustainable qualities: Timber requires little production, is lightweight and it absorbs carbon. It’s also recyclable, says Wright.

“When we tear down buildings and build new buildings in their place, there's a huge amount of materials that come out of it that are often not recyclable – but wood is actually recyclable,” he says. “It's a very efficient material – it can be repurposed, it can be burnt for energy.”

Beyond its low-carbon qualities, wood has widespread appeal because “it's actually beautiful,” says Wright."...

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George Brown College set to "leave a mark in international building" with innovative tall wood building

George Brown College wood building is featured in the Globe and Mail:

"The use of new wood technologies to build large and tall buildings promises to allow for much less carbon-intensive construction than either concrete or steel, and done right tall wood buildings can be very beautiful. They also represent an important prospect for Canada’s forestry industry and the fabricators and engineers who know how to build with the stuff"